Behind the seams: Meet Tux Designer Yansi Fugel, Womenswear in Bergen County

Meet Yansi Fugel, Designer

A tuxedo is an essential piece for any woman’s wardrobe no matter their age from 18 - 80. Since the days of ethereal Marlene Dietrich to the whimsical suit style worn by Diane Keaton in the movie Annie Hall menswear has always been a mainstay in fashion closets.

A tailored tuxedo on the feminine figure from a bright hue to classic black consistently exudes sophistication and a assertive confidence that is accepted in men, but often judged in women.

Tuxedos are no longer considered a feminist statement of the more mature woman but a fashion forward style option for millennials as well.

Young millennial women more and more are embracing the tuxedo as l as a fashion forward glamour preference rather than the traditional gown from the red carpet to the MET. New Jersey Designer Yansi Fugel is one of the influential womens wear designer that continues to lead the charge in women’s tuxedo design. She specializes in refining the style, color and material options for women of all ages.


Donnella, NJ Fashion Week: What do you think is key for a designer to stay relevant and grow their customer base?

Yansi Fugel, Designer: i am a firm believer in the love what you do, & do what you love philosophy. My credo has always been to dress women in confidence, looking great makes you feel great and makes you happy, you can accomplish anything in that mind frame. Listening to her needs and giving her what she wants, seasonless, timeless, effortless dressing. tuxedos for women? yes! why should only the men have it easy?

Donnella, NJ Fashion Week: How has the evening wear or formal wear consumer evolved since you began your career?

Yansi Fugel, Designer: evening wear, as every other category of apparel, has gotten more relaxed and less rigid. also, i think a lot more fun. you can truly express your personality when the occasion calls to "dress up". cocktail can be skinny leather pants with a sequin top or a tulle skirt with a snug white t shirt, whatever suits your mood and the occasion. and when you dress up, you are feeling powerful and self-assured which affects how you interact with the world and insures you will have a great time at your event :)

Donnella, NJ Fashion Week: What are some tips you can offer for a woman when selecting a tuxedo?

Yansi Fugel, Designer: today, we can be much more "femme" in tuxedo dressing than the conventional black tie look. opt for softer, fluid pieces that feel sensual on the body. whether a bit more classic or trendy, keep it feminine. wear the vest without a shirt underneath, high slit palazzo pants under a nipped jacket, or a luxurious silk velvet jacket with satin skinny pants.

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